Small 1 Hour Group Session | Energy, Crystal + Sound Healing Experience

Where: Chakredy® Studio | Bainbridge Island, WA
When: Check Schedule
Cost: $45

The Chakredy® Studio is a teaching and healing space. Each hands-on healing session will incorporate some type of energetic focus or teaching as well as a variety of healing tools.

You will experience techniques from Alexis' energetic assessment and healing method, Chakredy®, that may range from pendulums (used to assess, clear and direct healing energy) to crystals (placed on the body), to essential oils and mists to crystal singing bowls and tuning forks.

Sessions are designed to support intuitive development and energetic awareness through community connection and spiritual exploration.

Chakredy® Level 1 Accelerator + All Day Intensive

Where: Heyday Farm | Bainbridge Island, WA
When: Sunday July 15th 10 am - 8 pm
Required: Chakredy® Level 1 Training

Ready for a hands on Chakredy® experience? This Level 1 Accelerator and ALL DAY Intensive that has been created to help you fully process, integrate and apply concepts from Level 1.

Here are some of the things we'll cover:

-Review concepts and deepen into Chakredy® content from Level 1 Chakra Assessment Training
-Receive direct guidance, feedback and mentorship from me, hands on!
-Connect with your Chakredy® peers in person while putting your tools to the table (and enjoying delicious food).
-We'll be hanging out in the beautifully restored Heyday Barn that will be brought to life for this all day Chakredy® event.
-Guided hands on practice to support your professional development. A chance to work with others who understand the work and to be worked on.
-Hands on healing work from me (Alexis)

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