Energy management is one of the most important practices in your life. If you struggle with anxiety, stress, overwhelm or fatigue, you can benefit from learning how to optimize your ability to manage your own energy.

Developing energetic awareness supports your ability to establish and maintain and sense of groundedness, boundaries and presence throughout your daily life. 

So really, this is for EVERYONE. 

Things get really exciting when we can make energetic associations with the physical body. Or at least they do for me! 

Do you know that the front of your body has its own energetic language? Well, it does. 

And what is it saying? At the end of this video, I’ll have you tell me!

Energy Management: Front Body

I like to divide the front body into supported and stressed states or we could term these balanced and imbalanced states or light and dark states. 


Supported: Action

Stressed: Projection

These two energies are very different

Action: directed, focused, productive and forward moving energy

Projection: graspy, chaotic, needy energy, has a hard time finding its way and a landing place

Learning how to discern action from projection is extremely helpful when tuning into the way you manage your personal energy. 

When operating from a supported state/ACTION, this is going to be sustainable

When operating from a stressed state/ PROJECTION, this is going to be depleting and unsustainable

The best way to make this energetic difference between action and projection tangible is to create your own context and vocabulary for it. 

Practice: Connect with Action

What are some associations that you can make here? Any sensations that you associate with the front of your body when you are in that supported state of ACTION?

Think of one example where you can clearly connect with ACTION at the FRONT of your body. Write or draw everything out that helps you connect with this state.

Practice: Connect with Projection:

What are some associations that you can make with projection? Can you connect with sensations or impressions regarding projection at the front of your body and how does it differ from action for you?



Ok, great! Now that you have taken the time to connect with energy management at the front of your body, I would love to hear from you!

How do the energetics of action and projection at the front of your body differ? I encourage you to post below in the comments. 

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