Energy Camp for Kids (and their parents)

Session 1: Sensing Energy

The 4 Week Virtual Camp Session includes 4 modules of video recordings and printable charts and activities

*Modules will be released weekly

Chakredy® Kid's Camp has been created to support:


The development of energetic awareness in children (and their parents)


Curiosity and excitement for energetics

Intuition building

The cultivation of sensitivity (into a strength and skill)


Context and vocabulary for what is sensed in the unseen

How many of us wish we grew up with the language and context to place what we've sensed since childhood?

I know I did.

As a parent, I deeply value the cultivation of energetic awareness, sensitivity and intuition in my children. I deeply value fostering curiosity, awe and magic.

What if your child didn't need to go through the same disconnection that you did? What if you could support your child's development in energetic awareness and intuition from a young age?


Essentially, I train adults how to shed the layers that interfere with their inherent intuitive abilities. This requires releasing stories, behaviors, patterns that have been accumulated through conditioning.

We are CONDITIONED to doubt ourselves. We are conditioned to rely on external points of reference to navigate our circumstances. We look outside ourselves for Truth and direction.

What if your child learned to build those inner reference points from a young age? What if your child developed the ability to trust guidance from within. What if your child learned early on how to develop energetic sensitivity into a skill set?

My intention is to support you in doing exactly this.

Energy Camp For Kids

Session 1 Outline

In order to shift energetic dynamics that hinder you, you must first identify the dynamic. When you direct your awareness to these dynamics, healing shifts take place.

This is the first of many programs to come that will explore Chakredy® concepts in depth.

Let's get to work!


Module 1: Sensing Energy in Your Body

  • Energy +Your Body
  • Where is Your Energy
  • Being in Your Body
  • Being Out of Your Body
  • Grounded Presentations
  • Ungrounded Presenations
  • Practicing Awareness

Module 2: Sensation

  • Your Body as a Map
  • Physical Body Sensations
  • Energetic Impressions
  • Types of Sensation
  • What Different Sensations Mean

Module 3: Sensing Energy in the Hands

  • Establishing Connection
  • Sensations in the Hands
  • Sensing Resonance/Dissonance
  • How Sensation Makes You Feel in Your Body

Module 4: Sketching Energy

  • Sensing Color
  • Creating Your Color Index
  • Sensations + Emotions
  • Drawing Your Emotions

3 Tips to Support Cultivating Sensitivity in Children

Body Awareness and Cultivating Sensitivity in Children-Are You in Your Body?

Rather than struggling to heal and get realigned, they can benefit from being aware and aligned with their energy as they grow, develop, and navigate the world.

There are several ways to help cultivate sensitivity in children, but at the most basic level, it’s helping them get connected with their own physical body. Ask your child the simple question — Are you in your body? See how they naturally respond.

What does your child have to say about where their energy is? Do they feel like they are in their body or not? They can sense it innately just like you can sense your energy once you are aware.

Body Awareness and Cultivating Sensitivity in Children-Where Do You Experience The Most Sensation?

What I’ve found is asking simple questions can help them begin this communication in a helpful way. For the first tip in this series, I recommended starting with the question: Are you in your body? 

For the second tip, I recommend asking the questions: Where do you feel the most sensation in your body? Where do you feel the most energy in your body? Where do you experience the most discomfort in your body? 

All of these inquiries can help detect a particular part of the body, and even a particular energy center that your child may be receiving a lot of information through.  

Body awareness: Cultivating Sensitivity in Children - Develop Discernment Between Self and Other

You can support your child and their ability to connect with and articulate what it is they're sensing around them. This process begins to help them develop discernment between self and other

One of the challenging things, when you’re a highly sensitive person, is taking on energy in your environment or taking in energy from other people and from collective energies. When you internalize the energy from others as your own, it becomes confusing to disentangle your energy from other energy.