Compassion is a powerful, beautiful, and transformative force. You can access compassion through connecting with the energetic breakdown of what compassion is. It’s possible to connect with it on an energetic level to activate and embody the energy of compassion in your being, which is especially helpful when you feel challenged at the heart center. 

When you are shifting into other spaces, whether it be fear, rage, grief, or resentment—whatever it is—it’s likely a space where you don’t want to be. So you may wonder how you can get into a state of compassion instead so that you're able to hold yourself and your energy in a grounded and embodied place at the heart. 

Connecting with Compassion

Compassion is a powerful energy that is connected with the heart. The way I connect with the energetics of compassion is to feel into it as a center point at the heart that then expands out in all directions. As it extends out, this creates a very nurturing and loving container of energy at the heart that holds you as an individual in a centered space at the heart. 

In other words, compassion keeps you centered while expanding out in all different directions. This is huge because there are many other energies that will come from a loving and well-intentioned space at the heart. 

These energies can project into other people's energy and create a vulnerability at the heart chakra. This is especially true for those who are highly sensitive to picking up energy in their environment, whether it be a physical environment or collective energy fields. 

When you are able to access, activate, and amp up compassion at your heart center, you can navigate just about any external circumstance and stay centered in yourself without getting totally thrown off guard, derailed, or triggered by challenges.

  • Can you identify specific situations and circumstances that really challenge you and pull you out of the energetic state of compassion? 
  • What do you find to be the most challenging circumstances that test your ability to stay centered in the heart? 

It's very easy to just toss the tools out the window when you get triggered or find yourself depleted, struggling, anxious, or depressed. This is why it’s helpful to develop a practice of connecting with the energy of compassion by calling upon that energy. 


Connecting with compassion can be a very simple practice. First, connect with the energy of compassion, and then to stay in active dialogue with that energy in your body. 

  1. To really begin to feel and activate at the center of the heart, just instruct your body and your being to connect with the energy of compassion. 
  2. Next, instruct the energy to expand out in all directions, to create a powerful container that holds you at this—not only the center of your heart chakra, but the center of your entire energy system, and energy sphere. 

When I connect with compassion, I experience it as a warm, nurturing, spiritual-like energy that is limitless and expansive, while also centering. There's a radiating out quality to it, that feels very vibrant. And there's a lot of vitality at the heart that expands out. 

I hope that this is helpful. 


I would love to know how you connect with the energy of compassion, and what types of energetic qualities do you associate with this. Do you have a hard time feeling into a center point at the heart? Are you easily triggered and struggle to connect in with compassion? What helps you to be more embodied at the heart chakra level?

Energetics of Compassion at the Heart Chakra

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