Do you ever feel like you’re being censored? Perhaps have something to say but you feel as if you can’t speak up without facing harshness, ridicule, or criticism. Maybe there is an effort to silence you or to shut you down, and it leads to resistance and frustration. In other words, it can create a block. But you can learn how to clear throat chakra blocks by understanding the energetic dynamics of censoring.

Censoring is actually one of the ways in which your throat chakra is talking to you.

Every person is intuitive and everyone has the ability to work with their inherent connection to energy.

Connecting with How it Feels to be Censored in Your Body.

As always, I preface this by saying I can only share from my own experience and the way in which I experience this energy.

The way in which I experience the energy of censoring is that there's often a rising up to the throat like a need to express something that then hits some type of barrier. This could feel like the thing you are expressing bumps up against a wall, or there's something that becomes very constrained and compressed.

This holding back often surfaces at the throat. And then the censoring energy can start to move almost in a circular movement and become more chaotic to where it often then gets shoved down and suppressed.

You may experience censoring yourself differently.

It could be the sensation of an energetic rising that hits a barrier. The censoring may be self-imposed because you feel like the thing you want to express would not go over very well. So maybe that triggers some fear followed by suppression.

It could be that this energy rises, and you hit a barrier because you're actually working to move it out and intuitively working on how to clear throat chakra blocks. But then you get shut down by the person who you try to communicate something with, so your response to that person’s actions censor you.

We can even be censored by social media platforms and various other ways, but I'm talking human to human contact and how it is that we may experience this dynamic of censoring when we self-impose censoring.

The Energetic Dynamics of Censoring Yourself

Censoring yourself is actually an intuitive indicator, and I use the term intuitive indicator to refer to any type of physical body sensation or energetic impression that your intuition is using to get your attention to communicate with you.

The way I work with intuitive indicators is that they typically reveal non-resonance, meaning something is not landing right for you. If something is not resonating with you and your body, it may trigger some type of intuitive indicator, which highlights that this area is activated, and it's communicating with you.

The throat chakra is an incredibly intuitive energy center. When we're working with the throat chakra, censoring is one of the intuitive indicators that may surface to show you something.

If you want to express something, you don’t know how to clear throat chakra blocks, and you are unable to get that energy out, it can start to really build up, create frustration, and there can be a rising and intensity to move energy out via the throat. When it doesn't actually get released, you can find yourself in a space of incredible rage.

Having an energy suppressed and unresolved and sync up somewhere in your body that is just not going to serve you well over time.

Deeper Origins of Censoring

Rather than accumulating energetic baggage and becoming more dense in this experience through suppressed emotions suppressed energy, it’s important to work with identifying how it is that this energy rises and where it comes from.

Then we can work to give it the awareness and a pathway for it to move so that it doesn't just get shut down and doesn't just stay stuck somewhere in your body.

What I've noticed with the censoring dynamic is that there is oftentimes a deeper origin, somewhere lower in the body, typically where an energy gets triggered, and then it starts to rise.

So if you can practice noticing when it is that you find yourself encountering that rising of energy, and then that meeting or that bumping up against a wall, you can start to work on how to clear throat chakra blocks. You can begin shifting into either pulling back or having that energy pushed back at the throat chakra level

So see if you can trace that energetic connection to a deeper origin.

Where is whatever it is that's rising in you coming from?
Can you identify what that emotion might be?
Can you identify what that feels connected with?
Where's it coming from in your body?

The more specific you can get around articulating the energetic origin, the more information you then have to pull your awareness back.

How to Clear Throat Chakra Blocks by Managing Your Energy

Look at what you're experiencing, and then give yourself the space and the opportunity to move that energy out.

Simply observe the energetics and step into acknowledging people who are speaking their truth and the way in which that truth is being received.

It requires courage to use your throat and your voice as a vehicle to move energy out of your body and in the chakra at work.

The truth is, the throat chakra is oftentimes the most intimidating energy center to work with. When working on how to clear throat chakra blocks, we’re actually bringing the deepest parts of ourselves and our experience to the external world through this portal of the throat.

When we give something language—when we actually share that energy, attach words to it, and bring it out into the world through our voice—it can be a very vulnerable experience. So when you are met with harshness or when you're met with ridicule and criticism, and there is an effort to silence you or to shut you down, it can be very painful.

Censoring is painful.

I want to offer the energetic dynamics of what you may notice in yourself as you connect with deep emotion, stored trauma, or other experiences that get triggered when you are censored.

As you begin to mobilize and move the suppressed energy out of your body, via the throat, you can do this in a way that is grounded and in a way that is empowered.

You can have the ability to manage your energy, whether it is received well or not by whomever is on the receiving end of what it is that you are actually sharing via your voice.

If you do encounter a harsh response or what you share isn't received well, you can still manage the way in which you respond to that.

It's very important for all of us to use our voice and to be heard. However, if you are not being heard or you're not being listened to and what you're sharing does not feel validated, it's still important for you to honor what is your truth. Doing this on an energetic level is very important.

If you find that the external energy or a person is not receiving what it is that you have to say, a common response might be to retract and pull your energy back, beginning to almost shrink down in response to it not being received.

I'm going to go and hide.
I can't believe I said that.
Nobody agrees with me.
Somebody is telling me that I shouldn't speak this.
Someone thinks it's ridiculous that I'm even thinking these thoughts.

Alternatively, you may have a tendency to explode with frustration, anger, and rage if what you want to express is not received by the other party or parties the way you hoped.

You won’t ignore me.
You can’t invalidate my thoughts.
You're not going to tell me what to think.
You're not going to tell me what to say.

You can begin to change your typical response by practicing acute awareness—noticing what it is that you're experiencing. One of those things might be a lot of sensation at the throat, such as heat.

Just be with the sensation.

Notice what it is that you're experiencing and really practice staying in your energy body.

Practice being centered. Practice just connecting in with that sensation. Practice bringing your energy back and observing if you find yourself wanting to lash out or jump into an argument.

You can still be courageous, you can still speak your mind, and you can still do all of these things in a way that is coming from a place of awareness, steadiness, groundedness, compassion, patience, and kindness.

I hope that you received some helpful insights to help you manage your energy and begin to understand how to clear throat chakra blocks.


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