Today I'm sharing tip number three for cultivating sensitivity in children. Now that you know how to help them recognize energy in their own body and where within their body they connect with energy, the purpose of this tip is to help your child begin sensing energy outside of themselves and all around. 

You can support your child and their ability to connect with and articulate what it is they're sensing around them. This process begins to help them develop discernment between self and other

One of the challenging things, when you’re a highly sensitive person, is taking on energy in your environment or taking in energy from other people and from collective energies. When you internalize the energy from others as your own, it becomes confusing to disentangle your energy from other energy. 

One way to support discernment and support the development of this energetic awareness of self and other is to help your child practice sensing what they perceive around them and support them in articulating this.  

Simply sit or stand across from your child and ask them to sense what is going on in your energy field. What do they pick up from you, just in sitting across from you? Do they sense that you are happy? Do they sense that you are sad?  

Can they draw out on paper the way they perceive your energy to be?  

All of these connections between words and colors and textures and ways that they can begin to describe what they're experiencing will help them build their energetic awareness and their intuitive muscle through this practice of observation. 

Body awareness: Cultivating Sensitivity in Children - Develop Discernment Between Self and Other

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