If you want to help your children enjoy a fully aligned life in which they are empowered by their innate sensitivity, there are things you can do to help them tune in to how their body is communicating with them. 

Cultivating sensitivity in children early can help them recognize and embrace their own energy and power and learn to trust the wisdom they have within.

What I’ve found is asking simple questions can help them begin this communication in a helpful way. For the first tip in this series, I recommended starting with the question: Are you in your body? 

For the second tip, I recommend asking the questions: Where do you feel the most sensation in your body? Where do you feel the most energy in your body? Where do you experience the most discomfort in your body? 

All of these inquiries can help detect a particular part of the body, and even a particular energy center that your child may be receiving a lot of information through.  

If your child gets a lot of sensation around the heart, and maybe the heart feels heavy, or the heart has a tightness to it, this can be one way of revealing the heart chakra as an area of influx and intuitive information. Energetic information could be coming through the heart center.  

If your child gets an upset stomach or experiences a lot of anxiety at the stomach level, this could be indicating that the solar plexus is an area to work with that is revealing information and intuitive insight.  

With this line of questioning, you can see what your child connects in with. Helping your child recognize where they experience the most sensation in their body will bring more awareness to this communication. 

If they find it challenging to answer or connect, I would then take it a step further and ask where when they feel uncomfortable. Ask the question: Where do you experience discomfort most in your body? 

And then, of course, I invite you to do the same. 

Where do you feel the most energy in your body? Where do you experience the most sensation? Is it at the throat? Is it at the head? Is it at the heart? Where is it and see if you can get really specific around what that feels like?

Body Awareness and Cultivating Sensitivity in Children - Tip 2

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