Cultivating sensitivity in children can help them live a life fully aligned. When they are in tune with how their body is communicating with them, they can avoid many of the energetic challenges that many of us encounter later in life. 

Rather than struggling to heal and get realigned, they can benefit from being aware and aligned with their energy as they grow, develop, and navigate the world.

There are several ways to help cultivate sensitivity in children, but at the most basic level, it’s helping them get connected with their own physical body. Ask your child the simple question — Are you in your body? See how they naturally respond.  

What does your child have to say about where their energy is? Do they feel like they are in their body or not? They can sense it innately just like you can sense your energy once you are aware. 

Then you can take it a step further and have them draw out what their energy looks like — if it is in their body or not in their body. As you are doing this exercise, consider what words they might associate with their energy? What vocabulary are they drawn to use?

And while you are doing the work of cultivating sensitivity in your child, of course, I encourage you to do the same thing for yourself. Go ahead and ask yourself the question: Am I in my body? If the answer is no, where in the world are you?  

We know. We simply need to ask and listen. 

Get really specific about it and draw that out. What do you see? The better you are able to perceive your own energy, the more you can support your child in connecting with theirs.

Body Awareness and Cultivating Sensitivity in Children - Are you in your body?

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