I am overjoyed to share that it is real. It happened! After many years of wanting to deliver free content, consistently, I have done it!

A full quarter's worth of awesome info, lessons and practices have officially been batched.

I loved every minute of this creative process.

There was an amazing team involved, styling, staging, photos and video. The magic has been captured professionally.

The experience itself was like a homecoming. There were moments of awe, feeling the familiarity of something I haven't known but have dreamed into many times (thinking WOW, I'm really doing this thing!).

It was big.
​​​​​​​This production is a result of an oath to myself, a pledge to show up fully, honestly and authentically, especially when it's scary.

It is the most obvious and most courageous thing we can do, be ourselves.

So with love, I release the parts of me that have be​​​​​​​en​​​​​​​ too afraid to step fully into my brightest form.

Thank you for your powerful teachings.

Goodbye. Thank you.

Now, I welcome you to the newness and the bigness of this next incarnation.

My greatest hope is this batched material brings you value, insight and inspiration. May it support your inner journey of healing and connection.

What are you cultivating in 2018?


I am devoting myself to a practice of spaciousness through discipline, consistency and collaboration. These words would have never ranked as top pick in previous years. Today, I meet them willingly, with open arms and great anticipation.

Finally, it happened!

Weekly videos begin Tuesday!!

Now, let's get to work!

To spaciousness,

p.s. Don't want to wait around?

Automated programs and trainings for 2018 currently include:
Intuition Bootcamp

Chakredy® Level 1 Training: The Chakra Assessment

Chakredy® Level 2 Training: Practitioner Immersion + Certification