Chakredy® Certified Advanced Practitioners

Certified in Levels 1 + 2 and Trained in Level 3
All Chakredy® Certified Advanced Practitioners have completed comprehensive training in Chakredy® assessment and healing concepts. Practitioners have certified in training levels 1 + 2 and have completed studies in the Chakredy® Advanced Training (certification to be offered in 2018).

Chakredy® Practitioner Certification requires understanding of concepts explored in levels 1 and 2 with virtual demonstration of competency and a live exit exam with Chakredy® Founder, Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN.

Advanced Training requires rigorous application of Chakredy® concepts with understanding of complex interference work, clearing, circuits, recalibration and repatterning. All Chakredy® Certified Advanced Practitioners have had to work for it.

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Kristen Beeler

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2 Trained in Level 3

Kristen Beeler, Ed.S, CHC is a Chakredy® Certified Practitioner, with a background in psychology and women’s hormonal wellness (Women's Intuitive Wellness Advocate II). Kristen blends her knowledge of traditional physical and emotional wellness with her intuitive ability to connect with the energetics of the chakras, healing crystals, oils, and the unseen forces all around and within us.

Learning to connect with and blend these modalities changed Kristen’s life and health in profound ways. After living it for herself, she believes they have the same power to change yours.

Kristen works closely with women who have found themselves unrecognizable in a stage of life, but can no longer ignore that there is something inside of them screaming to come alive. These are women who are craving clarity and courage from the heart. Women who are ready to reignite their inner light and empower themselves through deep connection and self healing. Her wish for you is that you come to find you are truly the keeper of your own greatest healing.

Cleveland, Ohio USA

Cheryl Bigus

Advanced Certified Chakredy® Practitioner

Hi. I’m Cheryl Bigus. I currently live in New Zealand and work with my clients over Zoom, while seeing clients overseas in person 2x a year. I'm a Light & Dark Worker. My friends and peers call me The Cheracle (Cheryl + Oracle) and an Energetic Detective. I see patterns, discrepancies, and the unspoken and work in energy that is bound, stuck and diseased.

I’ve created Energetic Home Frequency Map that is a custom map of your optimal energies that you come through with in this lifetime. I use these to teach you how to embody your true energetic frequencies so you don’t have to go through life swimming upstream and pushing boulders up hills.

Several times a year I offer a 5-week class called The Energetic Compass. It is a reclaiming of the language of your soul’s frequency that is focused on how to use the Home Frequency Maps.

You can contact me at

Auckland, New Zealand

Catarina Brandao

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2 Trained in Level 3

I’m a coach (*) with a twist: I work with energy blocks. I don’t have a single method or a set toolbox I use. I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I combine my coaching skills and Chakredy® magic to help you get into alignment with your true self. I don’t have the answers, but I help you get to the answers that are right for you, and get rid of the things you have picked up along the way, but which have never really belonged to you in the first place. (*) If this matters to you, and I understand it might, I am certified and accredited coach by ICA – International Coach Academy and ICF – International Coach Federation

Sao Paulo - Brazil

Elizabeth Nostvick Grooms

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2 Trained in Level 3

Hi, I’m Elizabeth my mission is to support other women attune themselves to their energy within and make sense of their energy story. I bring over 20 years of experience working with clients to support both their physical and energetic bodies, adding in the Chakredy® system to my work the last 2 years has been a game changer for my clients. We work together to bring you clarity, focus, healing and connection to your own magic!

Chicago, IL USA

Melissa Morse

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2 Trained in Level 3

Melissa Morse is an experienced and compassionate Reiki conduit, massage therapist, tarot reader, Crystal Alchemist, and Certified Chakredy® Advanced Practitioner, working on the Virginia side of the Washington, DC area.

Her joy is improving her clients' lives, whether eliminating pain with her bare hands, being a conduit of healing energy, or removing energetic blocks with a pendulum or two. She takes care of chakras with manual manipulation, pendulum work, and crystal healing. Melissa has an encyclopedic knowledge of crystals, their uses and the best way they can accelerate your healing.

Of all her skills, only massage needs to be practiced in person, everything else has a remote option. If you're local, Melissa will bring all of her magick to you.

Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

Chakredy® Certified Practitioners

Certified in Levels 1 + 2

Chakredy® Certified Practitioners have successfully completed all course content within the Level 1 and 2 Chakredy® Trainings. They have demonstrated competency for all modules and have passed a live exit exam with Chakredy® Founder, Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN. 

The Chakredy® certification is an optional element to the Chakredy® training. The certification requires that practitioners submit written and video demonstration of concepts. No multiple choice quizzes or automatic passes. All submissions are reviewed and approved by Alexis directly. Certifying in this system is a great accomplishment and demonstration of the practitioner's ability to work with energy.

All certified practitioners have a fundamental understanding of the 7 chakras and energetic concepts that relate to each. Some of the concepts that are covered in depth through this program are grounding, energetic boundaries, solar plexus discernment, the embodiment of compassion, transforming stuck energy at the throat, the difference between intellect and intuition and connecting at the crown. Chakredy® Certified Practitioners have learned how to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances within the chakra and organ energies.

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Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2

Madeleine Wéra-Bussière is a French Canadian wellness coach. She guides her clients looking for feeling more freedom into their body, space into their energy and everyday life by creating their own path to wellness.

Madeleine believes that you are all of what you absorb on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and so all of these layers need to be acknowledged and nourished for you to feel radiant and powerful as you are meant to.

Her empowering coaching skills (she is a HCI certified health coach) meet delightfully Chakredy®'s magic to help you understand what is blocking you and what needs nourishment in your life so you can access true wellness and freedom.

*Madeleine works online in French.

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Jen Carder

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2

Jen has a way to naturally dig deep into the depths of a woman who feels overwhelmed and drained usually creating symptoms of fatigue, gut disorders, and mental/emotional disharmony. Using her co-creative techniques to obtain a broad view of what steps are needed to bring peace back to your body while motivating the depths of your soul.

Essexville, MI

Lisa Fraley

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2

Lisa H. Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, is a Legal Coach™ (Attorney + Holistic Health Coach) who creates compassionate contracts and containers to hold and support your business - so you feel safe, secure, and protected. Lisa combines her years of work in a large law firm with her powerful coaching skills to help driven coaches and entrepreneurs create heart-centered legal boundaries, so you can boldly and confidently do the work that you love without worry, stress, or fear of being sued. She also is an IIN-trained Health Coach, Life Coach through Coach U, and the founder of two evergreen legal courses, "7 Days to Get Legally Enlightened" and "Get Legally Covered so You Can Go Bare".
But In a nutshell, I am filled with passion and joy when diving into the subconscious mind, body and energy to transform your health in a practical way!

Portland, ME, USA

Leila Hardy

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2

I’m an online holistic health and life coach, based in the UK, but I'm realising my work goes much deeper than this title suggests-I help others to heal at a deep cellular level using my unique blend of earth bound skills such as personal training, nutrition and massage, alongside my more alternative gifts of using hypnotherapy to heal the subconscious part of ourselves, Affirmations and Afformations, Akashic Records, energy healing, mindfulness and meditation. As these combine, I give others permission to allow themselves to become the happiest, healthiest, highest versions of themselves by embracing ALL of them, not just the 'good' bits!

But In a nutshell, I am filled with passion and joy when diving into the subconscious mind, body and energy to transform your health in a practical way!

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Rhonda Locklair

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2

Rhonda Lee, MAEd holds a graduate level degree in Special Education and worked in the field for nearly a decade. She is a Reiki master of 20 years, a Laughter Yoga leader and the creator of Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge. One of her many passions is teaching her clients to feel empowered by taking control of their personal and surrounding energies through various modalities. She is particularly proud to be affiliated with Chakredy® as a practitioner.

As a motivational and keynote speaker, Rhonda has delivered programs concentrating on stress release, healthy living concepts and the power of laughter as a healing tool from NYC to LA for over 20 years. For four of those years she taught workshops at the Cancer Treatment Center of America for patients as well as caregivers. Rhonda’s audiences have been wide and varied and have included medical professionals to artists to college students to those with severe health issues. As an empath and clairsentient from birth, she has an understanding of her clients expressive needs and an appreciation for those who choose to grow to their personal best with the use of Chakredy® and various other healing/personal growth modalities.

Barbie Young

Chakredy® Certified Level 1+2

Greetings! I'm Barbie. I am a Seeker.
I am a believer and devoted to being a lifelong evolving healer.
My journey continues to reveal the power, magic, and force that comes from self-love, self-care and connection to personal growth.
I believe that through the gentle guidance of Energetic Healing, Earth Wisdom, and Plant Magic, all beings can align with their primal life force, heal themselves (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) and be an essential part of our Global Awakening.

Chakredy® has been an anchor in this movement for myself and for countless seekers around the world. I am deeply honored to join this sacred Tribe of radiant, pendulum-swinging women who are making a significant difference in this world by helping people tap into their inner power and knowing. Alexis' Chakredy® System has opened and unleashed an ancient dialogue within myself that I am eager to expand, share and integrate into my essential oil business and beyond.
I look forward to working and growing with others who are seeking to honor themselves and their own unique magic.
Wild Blessings, darlings!

West Seattle, WA

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