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About Advanced Practitioner Qualifications
Chakredy® students have the opportunity to become certified practitioners at the end of Levels 2, 3 & 4. In 2020 this will also include Nutrition Energetics®.

Chakredy® Practitioner Certification requires understanding of concepts explored in levels 1 and 2 with virtual demonstration of competency (written and video submissions) and a live exit exam with Chakredy® Founder, Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN.

What a certified practitioner must demonstrate is:
-Energy Ethics
-Complete integrity in how they work with clients and in the framework
-What the framework is
-How the framework supports their skills, gifts, and talents.

Demonstrated Competency includes:
-Perceiving energetic presentations with hands for chakras, organ energies, energy field layer, types of sensations
-Perceiving energetic presentations with Chakredy® custom pendulums for chakras, organ energies, energy field layer.
-Energy Field Fundamentals and Layers
-Identify specific energetic interferences, where & when they come from
-Identify specific energetic attachments where & when they come from, and the path through the body.

-How to prioritize the energetic presentations they identify.
-How to run energy and know where it is coming from and where it is going.
-How to clear and facilitate healing of the entire energetic body (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual).
-Energetic Hygiene when assessing and working with clients.
-Cultivating and demonstrating the differences between Empathy & Compassion.
-How to process and articulate intuitive impressions.
-How to map energetic patterns and interpret them.
-Energetic circuit clearing.
-How to recalibrate and anchor the energy.
-Demonstrate and know how to articulate what they are doing in the field and with clients.
-Demonstrating a complete Chakredy® Assessment and have an understanding of the complexity of where the assessment can go.
-How to use additional tools such as grids, crystals, dream interpretation, lunar cycles, Chakredy® activation symbols.
-Understanding Magnetism, Poles, & Planes.
-The 12 Physical Body Systems
 and The Chakredy® Forces
-Understand of Optimal and Non-Optimal Frequencies and Energetic Entrainment
-Higher Energetic Frequencies & Brain Energetics

Kristen Beeler

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

My background in psychology and working on trauma-related patterns led me to the study of energetics, natural medicine/healing, then to energetic psychology. These fields of study enabled me to integrate and transform my own life as well as the clients I serve.

I Specialize In:
-Teaching you how and why you want to connect to your own dreamscape-surprise dreams are powerful!
-Energetic psychology for the overwhelmed, anxious, or self-doubting
-Mapping your energy system with accuracy and vocabulary so that you can hear and understand the language of your body--hello BIG shifts here
-Masterful energetic support using tested tools and practices.
-Clearing repeated patterns in your energetic field and cycles in your life
-Moving blocks to your success and vitality
-Clearing energetic interferences from others around you, your job, and your environment.

How I Can Help You:
-Assess & create a clear vocabulary to describe what is going on in your energetic field
-Support integration and healing of your entire energetic body
-Identify and work through toxic thought cycles and patterns
-Precise identification of energetic attachments and interferences (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual)
-Interpret your dreams and teach you how to dream effectively

I would have never overcome or healed my own traumas, chronic illness, or connected to my whole Being without the guidance of energy work. No amount of talk therapy alone was going "fix" these.

Kristen Beeler, Ed.S, CHC
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Site BeelerEnergetics.com

Full Bio: Bio PDF

Chakredy® Specialty

-Dream Healing
-Energetic Psychology

Chakredy® Specialty

-Interference + Shadow
-Energy clearing

Cheryl Bigus

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

I’m Cheryl Bigus. I solve energetic problems. My Mission is to remove the obstacles and help you rise.

I work in the shadow. My friends and peers call me The Cheracle (Cheryl + Oracle) and the energetic detective.

I notice patterns, discrepancies, and the unspoken. I love this work because it is absurdly fun to me. It’s rewarding, and it allows me to get to know the most interesting people.

-business and organizational energetic mapping and clearing
-boundaries with fans, followers over-identify with you
-create energetic vocabulary for what is happening in your energy field
-non-beneficial energetic attachment/interferences in your business
energetic interferences from people or your environment
-energetic entanglement with others in your life or business
-energetic patterns that you haven’t been able to shift on your own
violations of your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual body

Email: thecheracle@gmail.com
Website: Cheracle.com

Full Bio: Bio PDF

Catarina Brandao

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

Dot connector

I’m a coach (*) with a twist: I work with energy blocks.
I don’t have a single method or a set toolbox I use.
I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
I combine my coaching skills and Chakredy® magic to help you connect the dots and get into alignment with your unique true self.
I don’t have the answers, but I help you get to the answers that are right for you, and get rid of the things you have picked up along the way, but which have never really belonged to you in the first place.

(*) If this matters to you, and I understand it might, I am certified and accredited coach by ICA – International Coach Academy and ICF – International Coach Federation


Chakredy® Specialty

-Energy blocks
-Coaching, Confidence + Clarity

Chakredy® Specialty

-Energetic Repatterning and Healing
-Stress, Anxiety + Autoimmune

Elizabeth Nostvick Grooms

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

Calm the chaos in your life with a combination of healing and education that will teach you to tame your stress response, reduce your anxiety and feel more centered every day. Elizabeth specializes in creating healing environments and helping people learn to manage their anxiety, stress, chronic pain and autoimmune disorders in their daily lives.

Supporting the integration of your physical, mental, emotional body to bring about deep healing and transformation.

Site: creatingbalancewellness.com
Full Bio: Bio PDF

Jen Howell

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

Jen Howell is a licensed pharmacist for 19+ years and owner of an independent pharmacy for 17+ years. Jen has personal experience of being clinically diagnosed with depression, adrenal fatigue, and melanoma. When western medicine couldn’t help, she was nudged to look at alternative health care. She began her study in holistic health and functional nutrition. However, it didn’t give her the results fully. She was led to study energy and became certified in multiple modalities, including Chakredy®.

Jen currently works with high achieving women who are experiencing a myriad of symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, feelings of overwhelm and who are just plain fed up with not feeling well. With her complete comprehensive knowledge from studies in western medicine to ancient healing practices, Jen combines all of her tools to co-create a unique healing experience tailored for her clients' individual needs.

Chakredy® Specialty

-Energetic + Physical Integration
-Endocrine + Body Systems

Chakredy® Specialty

-Intuitive Chakra Assessment
-Energy Healing + Lightning Medicine

Michele Lundstrom

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

Hi!  I’m Michele and I am a lifelong student of healing and subtle energy.  I love putting the puzzle pieces together and helping support people to see the bigger energetic picture and how that is impacting the present.

My background in mental health counseling, energy psychology and constant curiosity has led me down a path of being a seeker of healing wisdom, I am an Advanced Certified Chakredy® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Empath coach, Intuitive healer and Shamanic practitioner.


  • Chakra assessments
  • Identify and clear patterns in your energy field that are no longer support you.
  • Assessment of the subtle energy body and with intuition putting words and concepts with what you are experiencing.
  • Cord cutting, removing energetic attachments, and healing ancestral and past life interferences.
  • Support you in identifying what guides, ancestors, and animal guides are supporting you though your healing journey.  Including messages from you guides.
  • Emotional and energetic boundaries and learning to manage life as an empath.

Email: luminousignus@gmail.com

Melissa Morse

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

Melissa is the washer of hearts, clearing out lingering relationship energy and making space, if desired, for new energy to come in, arranging boundaries and rinsing away negative attachments. Hearts are dried off gently & fluffed with love. She uses crystals, pendulums, reiki, and tarot in her work as she is guided. As a kindness, listening sessions can be added on as her schedule permits for a small fee.

Energy Wellness Visits, a thorough yet non-intrusive examination of what’s happening in your energetic bodies, are also available. This is ideal if you are curious, have nagging feelings or suspicions, or are just casually wondering if anything is going on in your energy. Any fixes/repairs/etc are available a la carte or prix fixe (less the cost of the EWV).

Melissa is available as a crystal hunter, please email details of what you seek, including price, to get started.

Melissa has been a witch and crystal student since high school, she got into reiki and tarot in 2003, and she’s been working with the Chakredy system since January 2016. Her sun sign is Cancer, moon sign is Pisces so she’s full of empathetic energy, and she delights in taking care of people.

Email: thiswitchmelissa at gmail
Site: thiswitchmelissa.rocks

Chakredy® Specialty

-Heart Chakra
-Everything Crystals + Crystal Healing

Chakredy® Specialty

-Chronic Illness, Parasites + Autism

Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

Madeleine Wéra-Bussière is a energy & wellness coach and a Certified Chakredy® Advanced Practitioner, working online from Sherbrooke, Canada.

Madeleine believes that you are all of what you absorb on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and so all of these layers need to be acknowledged and nourished for you to feel healthy, radiant, powerful as you are meant to.

She discovered how unresolved emotions are acting as doorways to let in energies that can trigger illnesses, sensitivities and patterns. She specializes in working with the energetic component of parasites often linked to chronic conditions as gut disorders, autism spectrum disorders and fibromyalgia.

Her empowering coaching skills (she is a HCI certified health coach) meet delightfully Chakredy®'s magic to help you address what is holding on to your energy and what needs nourishment in your life so you can access true wellness and freedom.

She works remotely in French and English with both children and women. You can contact her directly:

Email: info@madeleinewerabussiere.com
Website: madeleinewerabussiere.com
Full Bio Bio PDF

Barbie Rae Young

Chakredy® Advanced Certified Practitioner

Trained in Level 4

Greetings! I'm Barbie. I am a Seeker.
I am a believer and devoted to being a lifelong evolving healer.
My journey continues to reveal the power, magic, and force that comes from self-love, self-care and connection to personal growth.
I believe that through the gentle guidance of Energetic Healing, Earth Wisdom, and Plant Magic, all beings can align with their primal life force, heal themselves (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) and be an essential part of our Global Awakening.

Chakredy® has been an anchor in this movement for myself and for countless seekers around the world. I am deeply honored to join this sacred Tribe of radiant, pendulum-swinging women who are making a significant difference in this world by helping people tap into their inner power and knowing. Alexis' Chakredy® System has opened and unleashed an ancient dialogue within myself that I am eager to expand, share and integrate into my essential oil business and beyond.
I look forward to working and growing with others who are seeking to honor themselves and their own unique magic.
Wild Blessings, darlings!

West Seattle, WA

Chakredy® Specialty

-Plant Magic
-Sacred Ritual

Chakredy® Specialty

-Energetics + Nutrition

Mary Beth Gudewicz

Chakredy® Certified Practitioner

Trained in Levels 1 + 2


Mary Beth grew up with the ability to feel, know and a deep insight with her dreams. She has  always lived in a state of curiosity and fascinated with the connection between the science and  energetic. When she started on her journey toward better health, she knew she wanted to  integrate the intuitive piece into her work and that led her to Chakredy® and working with Alexis.  Mary Beth knows when imbalances show up in the physical, there are emotional, mental and  spiritual pieces that may need to be balanced. 

Mary Beth is the founder of Bella Nutrition Services LLC. She is a holistic and functional  medicine trained nutritionist analyzing the biochemistry of individuals to guide them to their  optimal health through nutritional therapy and lifestyle shifts. She focuses on clients who are  diagnosed with autoimmune disease, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, weight gain, low energy  and food sensitivities. Mary Beth looks at the roots of the problem(s) to create plans and give  tools that are individual to each person resulting in achieving her client’s goals. She enjoys  teaching people how to take charge of their health and bring back their vitality. Mary Beth assists people in shifting their blocks. Food first has always been her motto. She also teaches  classes on self-empowerment.  

Mary Beth brings a scoop of nutrition (including digestive balance), a handful of intuition, a  dash of getting under how you got to where you are, a pinch of calm, a sprinkle of rest and she mixes it all together to create your own individual toolkit to bring you back to your quality of  life. Keep in mind you are the chef doing the cooking –Mary Beth just bring the recipes☺ 

If you are ready to get back to YOU, then reach out to her at 

https://www.bellanutritionservices.com .  

Mary Beth has been featured on the Nourishing Your Practice Podcast, Vitally You Podcast with  Dana Frost, Connection Podcast (Integrated Spectrum of Health) with Lynn Joselyn and  published in the health blog for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP).

Website: madelewww.bellanutritionservices.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bellanutritionservices 
LinkedIn: https://www.facebook.com/bellanutritionservices