Chakredy® Circles
Energetic Awareness + Intuitive Development

Beginning Fall 2018!!!
A community offering for heart-centered women interested in developing their intuition through the basic principles of the Chakredy® System.
If you've been wanting to:
Return inward
Feel grounded and centered
Finally be at  home in your physical body

Trust your unique intuitive gifts

Create dedicated space for intuitive development
Experience deep connection within a like-minded healing community
Explore energetic concepts within the Chakredy® Framework
Experience hands-on energy healing, crystal healing,  singing bowls and more!
Develop your energetic vocabulary and context
Then you are going to love the
Chakredy® Energetic Awareness + Intuitive Development Small Group Circles!

Join me for bi-monthly in-person group sessions in my magical studio on Bainbridge Island to learn and experience some of the basic principles of the Chakredy® System.

Chakredy® provides a platform for you to strengthen your energetic awareness and develop your intuitive abilities.


Picture yourself stepping into a rainbow filled healing loft to be met with a cup of tea and a group of women immersed in deep and meaningful conversation.


Imagine the teaching opens with a crystal singing bowl experience, hands on energy healing and the powerful aroma of essential oils.

It’s time for the lesson!

You’re provided with materials to begin your intuitive journey for the day. Get ready to mark up your papers and take notes!

Teachings involve discussion and practical application. Immediately, you're integrating what you've learned.

The session closes with some type of healing experience that could range from tuning forks to crystal healing and a guided journey.

You leave with your magic assignment for the week and can’t wait to do it again….

AND you don't have to imagine this anymore because it's happening in this physical reality. Suddenly, magic becomes tangible and this intentional healing community you've been craving is part of your experience.

Chakredy® Circle Topics
*Please note that topics may change. I promise no matter what it is, it'll be good.
Yay! Grounding is a tangible practice. We'll learn how to identify when we are grounded, when we are not grounded, various types of ungrounded presentations and exercises to support grounding.
Who is not challenged by establishing and maintaining energetic boundaries? We'll work with boundaries as an energetic awareness practice, tools to support the energy field and how to know when your boundaries are compromised. 
Sensing Energy
We all sense energy. This teaching will be an opportunity to practice sensing energy with others and build awareness around how you pick up on energy and what you do with that information.  We'll cover staying centered in the physical body while processing energetic impressions.
Energetics 101
Ready to dive into the realm of energy? We'll get started with the basics. We'll discuss foundational concepts of the chakra system, energy field and organ energies. 
Front to Back
As a front dominant culture, we focus heavily on what to DO, action, goals. This teaching will challenge you to develop your awareness in the back of your energy.
Intuitive Channels
Working with the energy centers can be a powerful way to explore and develop your intuitive abilities. We'll work through each center and the channels of information associated with each. 
Each session will include:
Tea, treats and a bit of mingling
A grounding practice that includes a hands-on healing experience
A focused teaching + guided practice that includes printed materials and focused “homework” to incorporate the teaching into your life experience after we part
Chakredy® Fall Circles: October - December 2018
I have 2 groups forming:
Group 1: Thursdays from 4:00-6:00 pm
Group 2: Fridays from 10:00 am-12:00 pm

I’ve always LOVED being part of an intentional healing community. Whether it’s yoga, a sound washing or a women’s meet up, I’m always the one who hopes I’ll receive an adjustment, a bowl on my body or a spritz of something magical. I’m inwardly screaming, YES! Please adjust me or please smudge me!

When I create a group experience for my day intensives, or healing circles, I include the things that I personally crave in an experience, such as:

-Hands-on healing
-Beautiful printed materials
-Meaningful connection and space for conversation


My goal is to create experiences where women say, Yes! I want that! That sounds magical!

I want you to leave feeling inspired, energized, relaxed and at peace, to walk away anticipating the next time. My intention, always, is to create spaces for deep connection, healing and MAGIC. Because magic is REAL.

So when I dreamed of a small group experience to create,  The Chakredy®  Circles for Energetic Awareness was born.

What people have to say
Jeana Millwood

"Finding Alexis has been one of the sweetest gifts of my life. While my soul recognized straight away that Alexis had exceptional gifts, I didn't initially realize how beautifully normal and relatable Alexis is. There is no intimidation, no manipulation, no guru. Alexis simply and generously uses her amazing talents to guide you through your own personal version of healing and evolution.

Since my first connection with Alexis, I have had the joy of studying in her Chakredy® programs, attending in person workshops and retreats, and working with her individually. Regardless of the experience, Alexis always shows up full-heartedly, deeply present, and prepared. You are never "just another client." She sees you. Connects with you. Supports you.

No matter how you choose to interact with Alexis, you will leave changed. Everything that Alexis touches becomes like her . . . magical and beautiful. And who couldn't use some extra magic and beauty in their life?"

Barbie Young

"Alexis is the founder and conduit for the magical energy work that is Chakredy®. If you are looking for meaningful inner shifts, the releasing of burdensome blocks and or some significant energetic movement... I proudly recommend her healing guidance with great adoration and my deepest respect. This RAD as FK, radiant woman is the real deal, you guys! An energy session with her is a dream come true.

I will never forget the moment that I was lead to Alexis and this extraordinary practice. That moment altered the course of my life and unveiled a calling and a purpose that ignites my heart and spirit daily. I am eternally grateful, humbled and honored to be a part of the Chakredy® realm of energetic healing that Alexis has sacredly nourished."

Meet Your Chakredy® Guide

Chakredy® Founder, Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN, holds her degrees in nutrition from Bastyr University. She has trained in numerous modalities including energy healing techniques, bodywork, muscle testing, flower essences and more.

Certified as a nutritionist with a decade long personal training career, I’ve been schooled in a profession obsessed with results. With an ability to recognize patterns and observe shifts, I’ve always sought a way to quantify progress without turning to scales and calories.

The Chakredy® System is a surprise gift I received from the universe. After years of working with a very special crystal pendulum, I recognized patterns, connecting various pendulum movements with energetic impressions along the chakras.

Four very specific presentations became apparent. These presentations led me to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances within the chakra and organ energies. By connecting these priority points, I observed dramatic and quantifiable energetic shifts. It was reproducible. I began training others.


Each group is a maximum of 8 women. 

I have 2 groups forming. 
Group 1 meets Thursdays from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Group 2 meets Fridays from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Group 1 dates: 


Group 2 dates:

First of all, yes you are! We all have the ability to develop our intuition, energetic awareness and healing tools. You do not need to have any prior knowledge or skills. All you need to attend, is the desire to explore what has been outlined, to be interested in connecting with other women in a healing community setting and the willingness to do the work!

It would be ideal for you to make all sessions. There is so much goodness, you won't want to miss anything! Please know that there are no refunds for any Chakredy® offerings. This is clearly outlined in our refund policy that you can see in our Terms and Conditions.
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