My specialty is energetics, so rather than go into the mental difference between belief and judgement as a definition, let’s explore them energetically.

If you haven’t seen my video on the energetics of a positive and negative belief, go ahead and check that out.

As a quick recap a belief is something that you experience in the mind and is contained within your personal energy field, whether it holds a “positive” or “negative” charge.

A judgement is taking this belief and projecting it onto yourself or onto another person. So let’s practice using a negative belief (because those are the ones that tend to stick and stand out).

Identify a negative belief that you have about food. Something that you think is bad. For example, bread is bad for me. Restrain from spiraling into whether this is “fact” or even “true” for you. I just want you to identify that belief.

Take yourself through the energetics of connecting with that negative belief. Allow the energy of it to rise up and intensify in your head.

Now visualize another person in front of you and feel what it feels like to energetically project this onto that person. This can be experienced as a forward throw of this energy (which typically happens at the third eye). Like you’ve got your energy ball of negative belief at your third eye and your chucking it directly at another person.

Wow, right?

A judgement has a powerful charge to it that is typically projected onto those around you. And of course, when you are the receiver of judgement, you are the recipient of this projection.

Can you imagine how impactful this can be on a person’s relationship with their body and with food? And how many judgements we experience over a lifetime? When there is not an established foundation of energetic awareness to place these dynamics, it can be confusing to be in the midst of them. BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT FOOD BELIEFS WHICH ARE OFTEN PROJECTED AS FOOD JUDGEMENTS!! It is a freaking football game of food judgements out there and nobody is wearing a helmet!

Identifying what these food judgements are is SO incredibly powerful in helping you heal your relationship with food. In fact, it’s a huge part of the work that my work with Nutrition Energetics® addresses.

Belief vs. Judgement

Identify one judgement that you are projecting onto others when it comes to food. What is it? Share with me below!

Identify one judgement that you feel on the receiving end of. What is it? Please share below!
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I wondered how in the world I would make it full circle back to nutrition after I immersed myself into Chakredy® full force and here it is. Nutrition Energetics® is here!!

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