Level 3: Chakredy® Advanced Practitioner Training + Certification

*Please note this program does not run every year
Prerequisites: Level 1 + 2
You're ready for more!!
At this point, you know the deal. You've been through levels 1 and 2 and can sense how good this is going to be. 

This 4 month intensive is for the Chakredy® die hards who feel called to work with this system in a deeper capacity. It is for those who are willing to work and be worked. 

It is required that you have completed Levels 1 and 2
Some of the things we focus on

The Spectrum
This work is deeply rooted in exploring the spectrum of energy. That means that we are exploring the light and shadow aspects of just about everything.
Clearing + Recalibration
Energy clearing is not just about banishing something to the ends of the earth and never having to move through hardship again. Clearing is an invitation to be with what is surfaces and arise to new levels of consciousness to allow it through. The Chakredy® clearing process is a gentle and powerful one. Recalibration allows us to the space and time for these shifts and clearings to settle. 
Activations + Grids
We'll explore the power of energetic activations and the endless healing potential of the Chakredy® Healing Grid. 

You've heard about it, I've talked about it. My passion for interference work runs deep. In this program we connect with the 6 primary interference presentations according to the Chakredy® Sytstem. 
Circuit work is an original Chakredy® teaching that involves in depth assessment to connect the dots of an energetic story that is being held in the body. Circuit work helps to loosen this pattern in the energy so that it can be released and make space for a new pattern. 

Patterns + Repatterning
Becoming fluent in the language of energy requires an acute attention to presentations and patterns. We will be exploring various energetic patterns so that we can expand our skills within the healing repatterning work that is anchoring and embodiment. 
It's Me! Alexis.
Welcome back!

At this point, you know me! If you're considering Level 3, you are being called deeper into the Chakredy® work. Things are starting to get very exciting!!

The Advanced Training is intense. We focus a lot on interferences and the complex circuits of interruption that these interferences can create in the energy system and field. This level is for you if you are ready to go deeper yourself and take your clients there too. 
Program Deets
Advanced Chakredy® 

After registration closes, you'll be matched with your Advanced Chakredy® Pendulums which include a clearing pendulum and healing pendulum. 
Direct Guidance + Mentorship from Alexis

During this 4 month intensive, you will receive my continuous support and guidance. I am devoted to helping you connect with this energy and content in the most magical and helpful way.
Chakredy® Community Connection

There will be a private Facebook Group for each live round of the Advanced Training so that you can journey in a deep an intimate way with your group. 
8 Weeks of Video Content

This training is rich in content. The 8 video modules will be released over the course of 4 months with integration weeks in between. The videos will include everything from explanation of concepts to live demonstration. There will be lots of visual support to go with!
8 Weekly Live Calls

Live calls will be held during module release weeks. All calls are recorded. If you are unable to attend live calls, you can submit questions in advance. 
Practice Containers for Immediate Application

Get ready to put your magic tools to practice for immediate development of advanced Chakredy® skills. This is where we begin to go deep, practice the work and experience the work from others. 
Program Outline
Module 1
Attunement ceremony
Showering you with new tools
Containers, wheels + lenses
Holding intentions (not in your head)
Creating containers, sketching it out
Calling it in and hanging it up
The chakras, in your hands
Know your wheels
Reframe your lens
Prepare for serious magic
Module 2
Identifying energetic origins
Your off radar, how to navigate the bullshit
Each center, a discernment master Password protect your energy
Not in my field, thank you
From reading to perceiving
Interference presentations, in the pendulum and in your hands
Blocks, leaks and cording
Past life and ancestral imprinting
Attachments, they’re real
Know your shadow, it’s here to help
What the dark has to teach us
Module 3
The Chakredy® Activation Symbols
Sacred geometry + wands
Running energy
Connecting with the dreamscape
Visitations and other realms
Guides, guidance and receiving messages
Sacred circle dream share
Medicine through the dreamscape
Surprise, you’re a dream oracle!
Module 4

Deepening into the Chakredy® GridsGetting into witchy shit
Moon rhythms and alignment
Calling in the directions
Connecting with the elements
Locking it in with crystal grids
Your magic wand, the landscape
Pendulum map your space 
 Calling in and clearing out
Space clearing Chakredy® style
Module 5

You see auras, no really, you do
Seeing energy fields through pendulums
Color sensing energy
Now, draw that aura!
Energetic tracing
Pattern recognition through presentations
Setting up your spirit signals
Heightening your psychic senses through animal intuition
Module 6

Reflexing inward + outward
Pathways for energy exit
Honor and release
Circuits + clearing
Chakredy® pendulum recalibration
Mudra specific support
Polarities, yes, polarites
Desensitizing through the spectrum
Module 7

Establishing new pathways
Anchoring and embodying energetic shifts
Healing vectors, pathways for repatterning
Remedy and crystal anchoring
Wheels for healing
Advanced energetic anatomy
Assessing individual and collective fields

Module 8

Embodying the magic through metaphor
Making your own medicine
Creating client maps for wild clarity, guidance + success
Conducting group activations + clearings
 Visual communication of energetics
Energetic embodiment
Taking your business to the next energetic level
The rising star you are

An integration week will be held after every two modules with a 4 week window after the last module to practice and apply concepts within the active community.

Each participant will have the opportunity to become Chakredy® certified upon completion of this program. The certification process is optional. There will be a window in which you can become certified during each live round of the program. This will include completion of all course content, demonstration of competency with each module, an exit exam with Alexis and a live virtual graduation ceremony. There will be many additional benefits to becoming Chakredy® certified such as being listed in the practitioner directory,  practitioner only continuing education AND exclusive discounts. The certification will be available for you to attain during all live rounds of the program.

You’ll receive access to your first week of videos when the program begins. Each Monday you’ll be provided with an email that maps out the week and gives you access to all of the week’s content.

Each module contains numerous videos and downloadable PDFS (charts, suggested practices, etc). Videos are concise and direct so that you can focus on absorbing ALL of the information and applying it in a practical way, immediately!

You can be anywhere in the world to do this program. YES! You just need an address where the pendulum can be shipped. Don't wait until the last minute to register if you want to make sure your pendulum arrives before the program begins!

 When registration closes your pendulum will be mailed to you. All pendulums are custom made with Swarovski crystals and intentionally chosen for you.


Once registration closes you’ll be added to the private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants. This community is dedicated to supporting your growth and transformation!

You’ll be receiving your gorgeous clearing and healing pendulum, gaining access to tons of course content and downloadable materials. As a result, there are no refunds for this program.

You’ll have the opportunity to work virtually with other members of the group to develop and master new concepts and skills.

You’ll get to ask your burning questions each week and speak directly with Alexis on live group calls. This is NOT mandatory. If you are unable to attend the call, don’t worry. It will be recorded and accessible same day. 

You’ll be provided with all sorts of awesome downloadable materials, ranging from guided exercises to beautifully designed worksheets. 

You must have completed Chakredy® Training Levels 1 + 2 along with acceptance through application. 
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