Are you ready to rock your healing biz?

Having a successful healing business is not just about numbers.

Success requires sustainability.

If you’re not taking measures to care for yourself, you’ll lose yourself in the process. Guaranteed.

I’m not talking drawn out, expensive spa days for rejuvenation (although that sounds really nice). I’m talking simple, quick, practical things that you can do to ground, nourish and protect your own energy while working with the energy of others.

If you tend towards energetic fatigue, you definitely want to watch this video!

5 Essentials to a Sustainable Healing Practice

If you’re watching this video as someone who works in some type of healing capacity, the info here is super important!

So many people begin their career in some type of healing profession to arrive at serious burnout hard and fast. With the best of intentions and biggest of hearts, the burnout hurts.

In this video I want to share with you 5 essentials to avoiding the fast track to burnout in your healing practice:

1. Be in your body. You MUST be grounded to do healing work. It will prove unsustainable otherwise. Move your body, breathe fresh air, put your bare feet on the ground, wear crystals on your body. Do whatever it takes to be present and fully inhabiting your body.
2. Practice boundaries. I say this like it’s something simple. It is and it’s not. Your intuition is always letting you know what is a supportive boundary and what is not. If you notice yourself feeling underappreciated, angry or resentful towards coworkers or clients or anyone else in your life for that matter, this can be a great marker for a boundary that you are not establishing or holding. Sit with the insight that is already coming through you to put this boundaries in effect ASAP. Boundaries can be communicated verbally but they can also first be established in the way you hold your own energy. So ask your higher self what it needs.
3. Know what is you and what is not. In the healing arts a lot of crap can be released on the table or in the chair or on the phone or where ever you are and however you’re practicing. If you are taking in other people’s stuff, it will take you down. This is an essential life practice so begin taking interest in what is you and what is not you.
4. Speak honestly. Seems obvious. It can also be one of the most challenging areas to work with for MANY intuitives. There is a tendency to stifle. You can be kind, compassionate and calm while speaking honestly. This will support clear boundaries for you and your professional practice.
5. Clear and release. Establish some type of ritual where you let go of energy you have come into contact with during the day. This is great to do between clients and can be as simple as hand washing. I also recommend doing something more thorough after you are done for the day. This supports all of the above, helps to ground, reinforce boundaries, reconnect with what is yours and release what is not, be in touch with your personal truth and just plain let go. It can feel very seriously and sometimes very heavy when you are working with others processing tons of stuff. Give yourself space and time as a nurturing practice. This does not have to mean a weekend at the spa, it can simply be 10 minutes alone, laying down. Prioritize this and prioritize yourself so that you can create and maintain a sustainable healing practice.

To rocking it full time!