Throat Chakra


Energetic Dynamics + Directed Awareness

Program will be released 6/21

Mirroring at the Throat Chakra Presents as:

  • ALTERING WHAT YOU SAY AND HOW YOU SAY IT it based on who you're talking to
  • REFLECTING OTHERS out of fear of rejection
  • PROJECTING into other people's energy to read how they might receive what you have to share/say
  • SACRIFICING YOUR TRUTH in order to establish connection and appease to others
  • EXCESSIVE ENERGETIC OUTPUT to match another person's frequency (specific to communication)

Mirroring is one way your Throat Chakra Intuition communicates with you. It can reveal energetic dynamics within and around you that may be interfering with your personal expression.

Liberate yourself from hindering your TRUTH and personal FREEDOM by addressing Throat Chakra Dynamics, specifically Mirroring.


Throat Chakra Intuition

Mirroring Program

In order to shift energetic dynamics that hinder you, you must first identify the dynamic. When you direct your awareness to these dynamics, healing shifts take place.

This is the first of many programs to come that will explore Chakredy® concepts in depth.

Let's get to work!


What's Included

This online program includes 9 sections with videos and charts provided in each.



1. Welcome + Intro

2. Mirroring Defined

3. Throat Chakra Intuition

4. Throat-Front

5. Energetic Qualities

6. Physical Level Translation

7. Triggers

8. Reflexes

9. Repattering


This program is for you if you're looking to heal your relationship with Mirroring at the Throat Chakra!