Hello and Welcome,

It's time to get excited!!

Are you ready to rock the LIVE Level 1 training with me in 2018?

On June 25, the Level 1 Chakra Assessment Training will begin for the first and only LIVE round this year!

Here's the 48 Hour Special!!!

I'm offering a 48 hour special to book your spot and receive this bomb addition:

-Crystal Set of 7 chakra specific stones (and not just any crystals, the coolest and most high vibing)

-The first EVER Crystal Healing Virtual Training Intensive (I'll show you how to integrate those magic minerals into the Chakredy® Assessment)

-Direct Chakra Assessment from me, Alexis (live during the crystal healing intensive!) 

This special offer ends May 3 at 11:59 PST. 

Make sure to REGISTER HERE.

In addition to this juicy crystal healing set and training intensive, I'm offering an all day LIVE EVENT on July 15th. If you'd like to come learn with me in person at the Heyday Farm on Bainbridge, Island, WA, be sure to secure your spot for the Level 1 Accelerator!